Missed Connection—Connected (Part I)

We crossed paths 2 years ago at a Halloween party. There was some flirting, some making out and promises of things to come, yet we never connected that night. We kept in touch for a while, but then we completely lost touch. Fast forward to the Halloween takeover 2018 and I am walking down the hall in the shortest pink dress I have ever worn and I feel a kiss on my right shoulder. I turn around and there was my missed connection. Even with a mask on he knew exactly who I was. I was not about to let this opportunity pass and I made it clear that the chase had begun.
Later that night we crossed paths in the hallway and he led me to his room where he backed me into the balcony window and slowly undressed me, unhooking my bra inch by inch nibbling every inch of my caramel skin along the way. When he got to my panties he nuzzled his head between legs nipping my thighs and he slowly pulled down my panties. My breath quickened in anticipation of his lips touching my love below. He made me wait for it softly blowing on my clit while stroking the hair on my vagina. And as I stood there naked pressed against the balcony window, he kneeled before me and placed my right leg on his shoulder and his tongue took the first drink of my nectar. He began to suck on my engorged clit more vigorously sending into waves of passion. The stubble from his beard scraping my thighs as I threw my head back in wanton abandonment. Then he opened the doors and backed me up to the rail and turned me around. I placed my leg on the rail in anticipation of his hard cock entering me. He slammed into me with such force that I was moaning into the night air. He gripped my hips and slapped my ass harder and harder as my pussy squeezed around him, murmuring sweet nothings until he couldn’t take it and then… (to be continued).

Stay tuned for Part II

About the author: Hotcakes Community Team
I am a laid back single female who enjoys the liberties given to me in the lifestyle to freely embrace my sexuality in the manner I choose without judgement. I am fun, some say that I am crazy with a crooked halo. One thing that noone can deny, is that I am 100% real. 100% me. I consider myself straight with bi-situational tendencies.

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