Whats New?

Video Uploads– You can now upload and view Video Clips on AAL

Audio Uploads– You can now upload and hear Audio Clips

Location- Allows Users to look for members by who is closest to them.

New App–  Just Click Yes to allow it to install to your Home Screen



AAL Site Thoughts

Although we hope you meet new friends and buddies and hookups or whatever you are looking for we must say we do not consider AAL a dating site but more of a social media site for swingers.  This way even if people are not in the same location or close to each other you can develop bonds and friendships like you do on other social media sites.  


Site Navigation 

Some people may still be learning how to navigate the site so here is a couple pointers if you need. Two pictures below shows 2 different methods and both are easy and self explanatory. the first picture shows in Blue the menu to help you go from page to page. The second is the menu to the site map after you click the 3 Dashes. if there is any questions about how to navigate or complete a task just post here or in help or message Hotcakes or myself and we will be happy to show you how. ????


Change Your PreferencesDid you know that you can change your account Settings Easily. You can choose what emails you get all the way to whether Only Friends or Non Friends can Send you messages or maybe you want to turn chat off. Just go to User Profile–>About–>Preferences