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About this event:

Created by MarsVenus

Plover Wisconsin

MSV 2 Day Risky Business Ms No Swimsuit Contest Takeover Party. Sure to be a blast. This will be our Ms No Swimsuit Contest Featuring Mark Maze flying in to rock us like he usually does. So get reserved and lets welcome Mark Maze MSV Style to Wisconsin. . The party theme is Risky Business so get your dress shirts, Panties or Boxers, and get them sox out. But lets put some flare into it because we don’t want a white out party so lets get creative and spice it up.

Friday~ MSV School Bus: We Will be having a social event on Friday for those of us That will be there on Friday (Dress To Impress) or in theme color which will be Gold. If you come on Friday Bus Ride is expected.

Saturday~ Official party events start Saturday afternoon but the celebration begins Friday Night

There will be different organised activies to keep people entertained.
Food and Snacks will be available.

The Risky Business Party will start when the Official dance starts, Usually around 8 p.m. in the main lobby.
Our Superstar DJ will be rocking the House of course!

We have always catered our parties to every level of the lifestyle and that will not stop during takeovers. First Floor will still be PG.

Business Side

We have included the price for the party. You have the option of a day pass or to get a room. If you have any questions about the Business Side of the Event please do not hesitate to call or message us. Please inquire about Single Male and Single Female Prices for the event or go to our website

We will have King and Queen size rooms until the option runs out.

Friday Night Event: The MSV Bus Ride

Couples Room inlcuded $140

Couple Day Pass $50

Saturday Night Event: MSV Hotel Party

Price with Room included

Couples Room Included $190

Couples Day pass $90

***If you are sharing a room A day pass for the appropriate type is required.***

***Refunds will be given in full if cancelled 2 Days before the Party. if you cancel within 2 Days of the Party your payment will automatically roll over to the next event. All refunds will be processed the week after the Party.***

For information please call Jesse at 608-216-5184

Jodi and I truly appreciate your support for us and our MSV Group.

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