MSV 3 Events in One Day MSV Style

Well we did it.  I don’t know how many groups can pull it off but we showed MSV is one them.  Well see what happen was we started off a meet and greet at the strip club where we started the first event.  The strip club was awesome.  watching our MSV peeps get up on stage and get their groove on.  Yes full nudity was on deck with this one and the strip club was ours.


Then we went bowling for the 2nd meet and greet where we met up with even more MSV Peeps.  it was an amazing time.  MSV was definitely in the building.  We can’t stop We won’t Stop.  We were killing the bowling lanes but half the people did not bowl but everyone was socializing.  it was just another rocking great time and that was only round 2.

Oh did I mention we had a toy drive?

Then we went down for the 3rd meet and greet a bar party and lo and behold it was tons of people there  it was an amazing day of MSV events and we had the jukebox rolling.  we had the darts off the chain and we had the pool going and the sexiness was just unmatched anywhere in the state.  I just love being part of our group.  so many awesome people.  so many old friends and meeting so many new friends.

Then the end of the night came but that didn’t stop there because the hotel was right……………………2 be continued

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We are a midwest couple living in South Central Wisconsin. Madison to be exact. I run the group MSV along with Jodicakes. I also design and administer the AAL Adult Alternative Lifestyle Website

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